Pinvin Pre School

Nurturing hearts and minds
on a path of possibilities 

Our Curriculum Intent

The Quality of Education is now a key focus of early years practice, raising standards of teaching across the sector, to improve children’s outcomes. The new inspection framework therefore specifies that settings have a clear Curriculum Intent, ensuring this is Implemented across the whole practice and are able to measure the Impact of this. Otherwise known as the three I’s.

Curriculums need to:

  • Cover the 7 areas of learning and account for the Characteristics of effective learning
  • Be ambitious and designed to give all children, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
  • Be coherently planned and sequenced, building on what children know and can do.

We wanted the whole team to be involved in the formulation of our Intent and so began by thinking larger than our curriculum and more about what makes us special, why do parents choose us over other settings, what do we do differently? 

The contributions were amazing, all different and unique, highlighting what is important to us as individuals and as a team. From reading and digesting these thoughts we were able to identify some key themes and after some creative thought were able to put this into the following acronym;

Family: Family is about belonging, to be with people who understand you, and love you for who you are. A champion who has your best interests at heart. We welcome all children and families into our wider Pre-school family, making sure nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Achieve: Our curriculum is designed to be creative, inspiring, challenging, memorable and to provide all children with opportunities to achieve and broaden their horizon’s.

Memories: We hope to create experiences and happy memories for children and families to draw upon throughout their lifetime.

Imagine: Embracing imagination and creativity to expand learning, language and endless possibilities for discovery.

Life-long learners: We value and respect the uniqueness of each child and nurture these individuals putting the foundations in place to become life-long learners.

Interaction: Quality interactions are the foundation of what we do. Adults effectively tune into children, responding to their needs through reciprocal, sensitive, playful interactions.

Environment: We offer a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment which supports both our children and their families by allowing them to fully express who they are in order to build strong, resilient, foundations for their lives ahead.

Self-confidence: We aim to provide a safe caring environment which builds every child’s confidence and allows them to explore their curiosities and fascinations of the world around them.