Pinvin Pre School

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Forest School and Allotment

Here at Pinvin Pre school we are very lucky to provide a fun Forest school experience for our children run by an experienced qualified forest school leader. Spending the session outside the children learn through hands on experiences among the wildlife, digging for worms, discovering insects under the logs, mixing mud pies, jumping in puddles and getting muddy wearing their own boots and the outfits we provide.

The children will also have opportunity to cook over the open fire, be introduced to simple tool work and at the same time learning that valuable lesson of how to manage their own risks in a controlled, safe environment which is invaluable to keeping themselves safe in every day situations for life.

The benefits of outdoor learning are endless from the simple things like identifying insects and bugs, to an enabling environment for some children to talk, who when inside would hardly mutter a word. Take a look at the photos or book an appointment to come and see for yourselves the fun we have at forest school...         

Are you handy in the kitchen?

Pinvin Community Pre-school are so very lucky to have a fully functional allotment where we plant and grow our own fruit and vegetables.

We need help for the next stage of turning our produce into fresh pickles and jams, please pop into see us or give us a call if you would like to offer your help with this.

"I found 2 wiggly worms, one is long and one is fat"

"I have lots of stones, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7"

"The fire is hot, we mustn't touch it, we could burn ourselves"