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How do we support your child?

Maples: 2-3 ¼ years

The Maples start their learning journey with us from the age of two and have a safe nurturing area dedicated to their play and exploration. The children will develop a sense of belonging and becoming a part of our preschool family. We follow the same routine each day so that the children know what to expect. We spend time together playing at ground level, cuddling up to read a book and sharing our day together. There is safe sleeping area available for those who need a nap and are checked at regular intervals to ensure that they are safe and happy.

Oaks: Leavers going to school September 2021

When children reach the age of three, they may be ready to move to the older area with the group name ‘Oaks’. During their time in the Oaks children learn the importance of perseverance, problem solving, risk management and can develop their social skills. We join together for a daily mat time where we share books and discussion, supporting children to learn to listen to their peers and gain confidence in sharing their own ideas. In the final term we support children in preparing for the transition to school.

To support children and families during the lockdown our lovely team of staff led by Jenny have been uploading a range of videos on our very own YouTube Channel.

Why not take a look?

Pinvin Preschool You Tube Channel

Key Person

  •  A key person has special responsibility for a set amount of children.
  • A key person will ensure that your child’s needs are recognised and met at each session.


  • To help your child settle into the setting smoothly, helping them to integrate into the group.
  • To be a point of contact so we are able to discuss and support both the child and family.
  • To provide emotional needs to your child and to ensure the child’s race, culture, religion,    language and family values are being met.
  • To observe, keep records and monitor the child’s progress and talking and encouraging parents to participate in their child’s development.
  • To feed-back information that might be important to parents or any worries the key worker has come across.
  • To work in conjunction with the parents in a statutory and professional manner.


  1. Shadow the children throughout the session.
  2. Only work with the key children they have been given.
  3. Prevent other adults from developing a relationship with the key children they have been given.

Sometimes it may be that your child’s Key Person has changed, this may be due to a change in staff or your child’s days, or that we have identified that your child needs support in a specific area that another person may be more equipped to help and support..

The Importance of Mark making

Mark making is the very start of your child's writing journey, you can provide many mark making opportunities at home such as drawing in flour, traditional materials such as paint, pens, crayons or even water. Remember your child needs to master gross movements before they can hold a pencil so big is better! Please ask the team for more ideas.

Maths at Home

Numbers, numbers everywhere! A love of maths can start at a very early age from noticing numbers in the environment, simple counting activities and number rhymes. Why not try simple activities at home such as counting the stairs as you climb them at bedtime, going on a number hunt whilst doing the shopping, give your child a clipboard in the supermarket and let them tick off the different numbers or colours they see!